About me...

"Ich über mich"

As you have already seen, my name is Robert Zulauf.
I have studied electro-technical engineering (diploma) at the
University of Karlsruhe in Germany. For my diploma thesis I
worked on the design of a Java-microcontroller in VHDL, where
the pipeline was to be implemented on an FPGA as a prototype.
This work is strongly related to the Komodo-Project.
Now I am working for the European LSI Design and Engineering
Centre (ELDEC) of Toshiba Electronics Europe as a Principal
Engineer in automotive system & design. Here in Düsseldorf
I have worked on boundary-scan design and the development of a
graphics display controller for driver information and naviga-
tion systems. For rapid prototyping we use FPGA, again.
Additionally I am doing customer support and work as
technical project leader.
Click here for my LinkedIn profile.
Originally I come from the northern part of Germany: I was
raised in a small village on the North Sea coast, named Jader-
berg. Around that "point on a map" there are Wilhelmshaven and
Oldenburg, farer away you will find Bremen.
In 1992 I graduated from Lothar-Meyer-Gymnasium at Varel with
"Abitur", after I had had the chance of getting to know nice
people in e. g. the US (Jackson, MI) through the school's ex-
change program. I took part in extracurricular activities, as
well, i. e. a jazz-combo, for example, where I played the
trumpet. After some weeks of internship (which I needed for my
studies) I spent one year of service with the German navy, the
"Bundesmarine", as a technician in telecommunications.
I am interested not only in computers - music, photography and
various kinds of sports are activities I think exciting, too.
Most of my photos are taken on trips - unfortunately there is
little time for vacation or my hobbies. One might see in my
"gallery" that I enjoy touring the US very much!
(Loading the "gallery" might take a little longer... ;-)).
In August 2006 I joined friends for my first transalp tour
by mountain bike. It took seven days from Tegernsee (Germany)
to Riva del Garda (Italy) and was a great experience.
A photo of mine

J. Kreuzinger, R. Zulauf, A. Schulz, Th. Ungerer, M. Pfeffer, U. Brinkschulte, C. Krakowski: Performance Evaluations and Chip-Space Requirements of a
Multithreaded Java Microcontroller. Second Annual Workshop on Hardware Support for Objects and Microarchitectures for Java in conjunction with ICCD '00,
Austin, Texas, USA, September 17, 2000, 32-36. (.ps, .pdf).

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