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Differences towards existing chips

What is the difference between the Komodo-Microcontroller, which pipeline is to be designed and prototypically implemented in this work, and other existing chips for Java-Bytecode execution?

One point is multithreading with fast context-switching in one processor core. Only the MAJC(TM) can do mutlithreading in hardware with a longer context switching time on several cores. In this work a microcontroller shall be developped to control its environment without additional processors. Especially when talking about embedded systems this is essential. Under real-time constraints the new concept of Interrupt Service Threads (IST) is to be implemented using the Signal Unit for fast reaction.

In the end there will be a new microcontroller with a pipeline that looks alike the one of the picoJava-I(TM), but is also capable of handling more than one real-time application on one processor core.

The present work provides a working pipeline for direct execution of Java-Bytecode, which may be used in the related project. The reasons for using Java-Bytecode for implementation are:

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Robert Zulauf