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Structural and functional description

This design is to end up in a working pipeline for direct execution of Java-Bytecode in hardware. As a result an application specific processor (ASP) will be developped. In principal a Java virtual machine (JVM) with additional functionality is going to be implemented, that is why the work will result in an application specific instruction set processor.

As this is fundamental work for the Komodo-Mikrocontroller the specifications made also influence this design.

A data flow survey of the prototypical pipeline can be seen in fig. 4.3. Data flow means the data path built up by hardware units involved in execution of a program. Partially data signals and control signals cannot be easily separated from each other. "Data" should be understood as opcodes, operands, memory addresses and their data, register addresses and their data, branch target addresses and constants. Against that "control" signals only control functional components [5].

Figure 4.3: Data Flow Diagram of the Komodo-Mikrocontroller

All functional blocks of this design are described in VHDL for prototypical implementation. Only the stack memory unit is included as a schematic, because the memory structure is built out of Xilinx' Logiblox. The used control logic is written in VHDL, again.

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